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2018 in Review

Hello everyone it’s been a great year! I’m a little late in posting this. Here are a few of the records that I have had the pleasure to master this year. I’m always impressed by the talent that exists in our local music scene. Support local music! Battery Steele – Two Minute Tales of Life… Read more »

2017 in Review

I’ve had a stellar year mastering records for top notch musicians in the Portland area. Check out some of my favorite projects from this past year and support local music! Download these albums or grab yourself a physical copy: they are all worth a listen and also make great presents for friends and family! L-R… Read more »

New Studio Gear: Dangerous Music COMPRESSOR

After auditioning this awesome new piece of gear through Vintage King, I’ve officially expanded my rack to include the new compressor from Dangerous Music. This is my third VCA compressor, complementing my existing Neve Master Bus Processor and The Dramastic Audio Obsidian, and allows me to have a great range of sonic options that cover all my bases. What sold me… Read more »

Layback Mastering with the Ampex ATR-102

The Ampex ATR-102 has remained a essential piece of gear in major recording and mastering studios worldwide since 1976…and I’m proud to say that it is also a fixture in my studio. I picked up this machine from Burbank, CA and just before I bought it their studio tech went over the components with a… Read more »

Soundcloud Mix/Master Comparisons

People often ask me What is mastering? Mastering is not just about making things loud, but focuses instead on bringing out the most in the mix, and translating the best-sounding result regardless of where the track is being listened to– in your car, with headphones, off laptop speakers, or through a top-notch sound system. There are no… Read more »