2017 in Review

I’ve had a stellar year mastering records for top notch musicians in the Portland area. Check out some of my favorite projects from this past year and support local music! Download these albums or grab yourself a physical copy: they are all worth a listen and also make great presents for friends and family!

L-R Row 1:

  1. SnugHouse
  2. Because Tomorrow, David Grant and The Reveals
  3. Square 1, The Cosmonautz
  4. Vision, Muckie Mittens
  5. Waiting On An Answer, Andy Penk
  6. A Little Grace, The Reverie Machine

L-R Row 2:

  1. Wires and Tubes, Leverett
  2. Ornaments, Builder of the House
  3. Losing the Frequency, Kris Rodgers
  4. Tech Noir, Suns So Far…
  5. High Water Hobo, Muddy Marsh Ramblers
  6. First Dance, Susie Pepper Quartet

L-R Row 3:

  1. No Time Now, Gary Lenaire
  2. Captured Live in Portland, The Renovators
  3. The Devil’s Gold, The Ghosts of Johnson City
  4. Let It Bully, Bully Mammoth
  5. Great North Band
  6. Damnationland: Music For the Wicked Vol III

L-R Row 4:

  1. Northeastern Western, Evan Haines
  2. Psycho Classical, Caleb Hickman
  3. Iatrophobia, The Outsiders PBR
  4. Darling, Randi Caswell
  5. Trust the Night, Rob Duquette
  6. Something Came from Nothing, Jeff Beam

L-R Row 5:

  1. Trouble, Memphis Lightning
  2. The Desert of When, Noonday Crawlers
  3. The Night the Lake Stood Still, Junco
  4. Long Black Braid, The Mallett Brothers Band
  5. Lost Islands, Richard Parks
    Glass Half Full, The Woodshed Mystics