Pat Keane’s studio features the same professional-grade equipment you’ll find in the world’s top mastering studios. Every piece of the signal chain – from the D/A converters, equalizers and compressors down to the monitors and wiring – is mastering grade, selected by Pat for its sonic quality.

A range of tube and solid-state EQs and compressors give Pat the flexibility to use a signal path that leaves no sonic fingerprint, or to add a final touch of color to your sound if that’s what’s needed to make the recording sound its best. High-end D/A converters mean you can master in a hybrid analog/digital environment with no compromise in sound quality. Or, you can stay all analog, thanks to the Ampex and Otari tape decks.


Knif Soma (Tube Equalizer)
Knif Eksa Mastering Eqaulizer
Buzz Audio REQ 2.2 ME Resonance Mastering Equalizer
Dangerous Music Bax Equalizer

Dynamic Processors

Knif Vari Mu II Mastering Compressor
Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus Compressor
Rupert Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor
Dangerous Music Compressor
Pendulum Audio ES-8
Pendulum Audio PL-2 Limiter
Dramastic Obsidian (SSL G Style Buss Compressor)
Black Box HG-2
SSL Fusion


Barefoot Audio MM27’s
Manley Backbone
Dangerous Music Liaison
Dangerous Music 16 Lt Summing Mixer
Cransong Avocet


Mac pro (8 core)
Mac book Pro (i5)
Merging Hapi


Protools buzz-side
Logic Pro X
Sonic Studio Soundblade
Izotope (RX7 Advanced, Ozone 7 Advanced)
DMG Audio
Pro-Audio DSP

Tape Machines

Ampex ATR ½ inch 2 track Mastering Deck with Flux Heads
Otari MTR 12 ¼ inch 2 track Mix Down Mastering Deck