My job as a mastering engineer is to improve the levels and sound quality of a recording, while preserving the dynamics of the music. I work closely with clients to understand their goals for the music, and then apply everything I’ve learned in my 20 years as a musician and engineer to achieve the best sound possible for each project.

Whatever style or genre of music, I start by listening carefully to each track. My goal is to hear what the artist is trying to convey and gauge what the song needs to achieve it. Do we need the vocals brought out? Does the track need to be warmer? Does it need more presence in the top end? Does it need to be louder, or do we want to preserve a wide dynamic range?

Then, I use top-grade mastering equipment to fine-tune levels and frequencies in a way that highlights the best aspects of every song.

My approach reflects my diverse background as a guitarist, songwriter and arranger, front-of-house soundman and studio engineer. So when I’m mastering, I draw on every aspect of that experience to decide how to make each track sound its best and unify those tracks into a great sounding record.


The services I offer include, but are not limited to:

» Audio Mastering
» 5.1 Audio Mastering
» Audio Mastering for Compact Disc 16-bit 44.1-khz
» Audio Mastering for all online digital distribution including Mp3, Mp4, Apple AAC iTunes+, AAC-LC plus hi resolution format (24-bit 96-kHz wav files) for services that offer online streaming.
» Audio Mastering for “Mastered for iTunes” hi resolution format 24-bit 96-khz Wav files.
» Tape-layback mastering (with my Ampex Atr 102 using only ATR Magnetics Master Tape )
» Audio Mastering for Vinyl 24-bit 96-khz Wav file.
» Instrumental masters
» Stem Mastering
» Audio Restoration
» Audio Tape Transferring from Dat, 1/2 inch tape, 1/4 inch tape ( 7.5 ips, 15ips, 30 ips),
» Archiving audio.

I offer encoding of ISRC codes and all meta data to the DDP master as well as the files for online distribution.

I deliver a Master DDP (the industry standard) on a Taiyo Yuden Archival DVD. I can also deliver the project in all available formats that are listed above and create a package deal that works for you. Please reach out and we can discuss your project needs.