PKM Featured in Mix Magazine’s Class of 2016

mix-magazine-june-2016My studio has been featured in Mix magazine’s newest issue as part of their “Class of 2016” list of finest studio design examples. Click here to check out who else made the list, and get in touch to book your next project.

“Designed by Lou Clark of Sonic-Space, this room serves as a home for Pat Keane’s mastering and audio restoration/archiving business. The studio is isolated using Greenglue between multiple layers of Sheetrock over Kinetics isolation clips. The rear wall features a 21-inch-deep full-wall broadband absorber with four XIX Acoustic Ramps. The studio ceiling contains 24 inches of broadband absorption with wood grate scattering panels mounted behind the mix position. The front and sides of the room also have a variety of absorbing panels built out at different depths for broadband absorption. Keane’s key equipment includes Barefoot MM27 monitors, Lynx AES16 Interface, Pro Tools HD12, and various analog and digital tape machines.”


Photo by Tim Gaudreau